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Rongying Rubber Company Holds the Walking Activity on Rongcheng Sakura Lake

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2019/05/06 11:51

In order to activate the staff's sports life, alleviate the pressure of work, enhance the staff's sense of teamwork and cooperation, create a healthy and upward corporate culture atmosphere, guide the staff to actively participate in sports fitness activities and continuously improve their fitness and health awareness, the company's trade union and League branch organized a walking activity jointly on May 4 with the theme of "I exercise, I am healthy".



Bathing in the bright spring and enjoying the pleasant scenery of Sokura Lake, we talked and laughed along the road, full of spirit and enthusiasm, took a relaxed and happy pace, communicated fitness experience with each other that laughter echoed from time to time.






In order to encourage employees to participate enthusiastically, we also set up exciting lottery activities on the spot. Four first prizes, eight second prizes, 11 third prizes and 30 participation prizes were selected.



Passion and energy, enthusiasm and cheer played the spiritual movement about RONGYING people sail and make bold progress in the future!