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Characteristics and Uses of Solid Tire

Solid tires are a kind of industrial tire suitable for low-speed and high-load running vehicles. It not only holds the characteristics of pneumatic tires but also has the advantages of small start-up resistance, simple structure, convenient use and maintenance, less maintenance workload, and no inflation, leakage and puncture risks. Therefore, solid tires are characterized with good safety, durability, puncture resistance, tear resistance, economy and so on.


Solid tires are mainly used for low-speed and heavy-load lifting vehicles, towing vehicles, platform lorries and other industrial vehicles, such as various types of forklifts, towing vehicles in seaports and airports, etc. They are also widely used in industrial and mining areas, docks, iron and steel metallurgy, airports, military, construction engineering machinery and other fields, as well as in medicine, food, papermaking, textile, electronics and other fields. At present, our solid tires are exported to the United States, Europe, Japan and other countries.


Solid tires are generally in intermittent operation, and a single maximum travel distance is 2000 meters.


Applicable Vehicles: